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The ASRL Committee Noticeboard!

ASRL Open 2021 results
ASRL Open 2021 - RESULTS

On behalf of the ASRL Committee and Carnival Referee Tamara Brawn we would like to thank everyone for their support of 2021 ASRL Open.

Our officials were amazing, the work party excellent and the water safety crew outstanding.

Below are the results from the three days of racing. More photos will be released in the coming days thanks to our amazing volunteer photographer Malcolm Trees (photo credit for image above), and you can revisit the footage on our YouTube and Facebook accounts, just click on 'videos'.

Thank you to the following supporters of this event
Team Navy
The NSW Government through its tourism and major events agency, Destination NSW
Surf Life Saving Australia
Shoalhaven City Council
Mollymook Surf Life Saving Club Inc.



Livestream ASRL Open 2021
2021 ASRL Open Live Stream and Comms Information


The 2021 ASRL Open will be live streamed once again, capturing the key moments of the event!

The LIVE STREAM will be available DAILY via Team Navy ASRL Facebook and Australian Surf Rowers League YouTube from 8am Friday, 11am Saturday and 9am Sunday. ***Times are a guide and will be confirmed prior to each day of competition. Times are NSW so please check your local time.

Can't make the ASRL Open this year? Get your mates and watch all of the action! Open up your surf club and live stream it on the big screen! 




Please note this IMPORTANT messaging about the COMMUNICATIONS throughout 2021 ASRL Open.

*From Thursday night, we will only be using Team Navy ASRL Facebook and Team Navy ASRL Instagram @TeamNayyASRL for updates throughout the ASRL Open. We will NOT be using email/website for any of the days. Please ensure that you have access to at least one of these platforms, or at a minimum a couple of members of the crew. We will do our best to share key messaging to state based groups, although you need to get onto the platforms listed for the most up to date information

*All draws, results and schedules will be on the ASRL mobile app. You can get this in your App store on iphone or Google Play Store on android 


ASRL Presidents Message 2021
ASRL President's Message - Jan 2021

An insightful ASRL President's update is now available via the link below. Michael Brooks revisits the year that was and provides key updates on ASRL initiatives, such as the upgraded ASRL app..

By now, all members who have subscribed to our Newsletter would also have received notice of the ASRL looking to secure an alternate plan B date for the 2021 Open (click here for ASRL statement). We are keeping a close eye on the situation and will keep you informed as new information comes to hand. Obviously we are still hoping to run the event as originally planned,

All members are encouraged to read the FULL update which can be found by clicking HERE


Surf Boat Trophies for all occasions

Want to thank a sweep, praise a sponsor, reward a crew or thank a representative from your club?

Mike Tamblyn's Surf Boat Trophies make surf boat trophies to cater to the many aspects of our great sport of surf rowing ranging from :
• A replica trophy to give to a sponsor on boat launching day
• A memento to the person honoured with their name on the new boat
• Appreciation from a crew to their sweep or coach or special individual
• Club presentation night for outstanding crews and perpetual trophies

All our trophies are made from selected Australian timber and materials. Each trophy is individually made to your requirements

Visit www.surfboattrophies.com.au for more information or contact Mike Tamblyn phone 0414 659 701 or email: mike@tamblyn.com.au

2020 ASRL Open - Day 3

ASRL Open 2020 - Day 3 - Live from Mollymook NSW

2020 ASRL Open Day 3 Live Stream

2020 ASRL Open - Day 3 Live Stream

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ASRL Open 2021 - Results

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  On behalf of the ASRL Committee and Carnival Referee Tamara Brawn we would like to thank...


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ASRL Open 2021 - Results

  On behalf of the ASRL Committee and Carnival Referee Tamara Brawn we would like to thank everyone for their support of 2021 ASRL Open. Our officials were amazing, the work party...

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