ASRL Sweeps Academy

ASRL Sweeps Academy

ASRL Sweeps Academy

Ever wanted to be a sweep?
Have you wanted to improve your skills as a sweep?

ASRL Sweeps Academy 2022 Showcase

The ASRL announced the formation of the ASRL Sweeps Academy to conduct nation-wide training for sweeps to prepare them for accreditation and improve skills. Headed up by Academy Manager Beck Hamilton, the Academy included 13 of the best sweep trainers in the country.

The Academy conducted its first course commencing in August 2022 for beginner S1 Sweeps, through to S2s/S3s wanting to improve their skills. The academy saw hundreds of new and emerging sweeps, with participants from every state. A combination of online and in person training allowed participants to gain information from different trainers around the country and obtain knowledge and experience to help them in their own sweep improvement.

Sally Mac has created an incredible video showcasing the amazing efforts of our sweeps academy from last year. If you would like to be a part of our next sweeps academy, head to and follow us on social media for all the information about our next sweeps academy.



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