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River Murray Row

11 months 3 weeks ago #43906 by bristles
bristles created the topic: River Murray Row
Hi All,

I have been asked by Darryl Walker to put the following on the River Murray Row he is organising, please contact Darryl on 0418 807 814 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.




On the 24th of April 2019, Surf boat "JIM DOHERTY", (an old Ninham, and now privately owned by sliding seat manufacturer David Ferrett), will leave the Hume Dam NSW with a boat crew, and approximately 100 days later will be rowed into the ocean at Goolwa SA

My name is Darryl Walker, and with Brighton SLSC legends Warwick Archer and Ray Wright we invite you, your old surf boat crew or fellow rowers to join us in the OLD ROWERS, OLD RIVER, OLD BOATS, ADVENTURE


We three have been involved in the surf boat area since the 60s and love rowing.
We are getting too old to jump in and out of boats and not all of us are proficient

There are many old surf boats like the "Jim Doherty" sitting around Australia in sheds, houses, paddocks and in streets and with a little TLC can be up and ready to row.

Why not the Mighty Murray?


On the 24h of April 2019 the "Jim Doherty", will be rowed with whatever other crews that are there from the Hume Dam to Albury, the first stop on the way to Goolwa.
If you are part of a crew, have a team that is interested in rowing this epic row, or as an individual would just like to participate then you can be involved.

We plan to row 25kms per day, and as such we will advise crews of each days stops. IE. if you are part of a team that wants to row the whole distance you will have prior knowledge of where we will be every day, and if you do not have a team but want to row we are confident of finding you a spot in a crew.
Once again, if your crew only wants to row sections then your team will be advised where we will be daily.

The row is not a sanctioned Surf Life Saving event, nor is it a race, and apart from sore bodies, there are no prizes at the end, only satisfaction.
We will be stopping at all major towns and will observe ANZAC DAY at Albury on day two

Obviously there are many finer details yet to sort out, but you are getting this information now as we need to know numbers and get commitments from crews well before we start the row.

A few things that you may look at helping out with.

Surf Boats
Sliding seats
Life vests
Powered vessels as support
People to contact re the row

At this stage we would appreciate you advising us of your interest in the project by phoning any of the following numbers

BARRY DUHNE 0449684759
DARRYL WALKER 0418807814

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