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Fake News from SLSSA

10 months 1 week ago - 10 months 1 week ago #43870 by bristles
bristles created the topic: Fake News from SLSSA
In the last couple of days I have had numerous phone calls from Clubs, Sweeps and Competitors about the following SLSSA Statement from the CEO:

“Recently it came to light that the ASRLSA has been operating uninsured.

This means that they do not have and have not had public liability, members insurance or asset insurance and that their members have been participating in ASRLSA events at their own risk.”

It is true that the ASRLSA has not had any insurance cover, however for the past 20 years or more the ASRLSA has never run their own carnivals nor have they had any equipment of value to insure. We have had an Operational Agreement between SLSSA and the Boat Panel since 2009, which provided all the equipment required for a carnival. This has recently been annulled by SLSSA.

The process, established by the previous CEO Elaine Farmer, and continued under Clare Harris since the 2014-15 season, was that once the SA Boat Panel/ASRLSA established their proposed calendar for each season, the calendar was then presented to SLSSA for approval. Once it was accepted, all members were covered by SLSSA insurance, which included public liability, members’ insurance and asset insurance. No Clubs during the past three seasons have been advised at any time that they were not covered and a check of the few claims made by Clubs or Individuals during that time or prior, would clearly establish that fact. All claims correctly made by Clubs during that time have been settled by SSLSA’s insurers to my knowledge.

Some have question of the timing of this issue; all I can say is that over the years the “Insurance Issue” has been raised from time to time throughout Australia to counter surf boat rowing events and apparently it was again recently discussed by a National Meeting of CEO’s in Sydney.

If SLSSA wants to establish different arrangements for surf boats to continue the momentum of the past years then I’m sure the competitors will support the changes including un-incorporating. After all we are volunteer lifesavers, love our clubs, do countless hours patrolling our beaches and provide up to 40% of competitors at carnivals, but please don’t tell me that boat rowers have been competing at our own risk, as they were all SLSSA events.


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