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New SLSA Policy 5.4 Patrol Hours & Competition Eligibility

1 year 1 week ago #43861 by ASRL Committee
ASRL Committee created the topic: New SLSA Policy 5.4 Patrol Hours & Competition Eligibility
The Competition Eligibility Policy serves to recognise that SLS members perform a number of tasks that directly contribute to the organisation’s ability to provide services to the community.
It also acknowledges that the opportunity to compete at Branch, State and National Championships is recognition and reward for members who have fulfilled their club and community service obligations.

Patrol service is acknowledged as the primary vehicle and principle for which eligibility is to be recognised. However, the policy provides the opportunity for a club to recognise the contribution of a member in other areas (see Section 2.3) that can be counted towards eligibility to compete.

1. Key Principles: • All members who wish to compete at any SLS Championship competitions (i.e. Branch, State or Australian Championships) and to receive endorsement to compete in ILS competition (i.e. Lifesaving World Championships) must be registered, proficient and carry out required duties and obligations, in accordance with this Policy and the accompanying Competition Eligibility Guidelines. SLS Clubs may exercise some discretion regarding the duties and obligations undertaken by members, in assessing eligibility to compete. • A SLS Club needs to continue to meet the obligations of any Patrol Contract/Lifesaving Service Agreement with its State and/or Branch. Failure by a SLS Club to meet Patrol Contract/Lifesaving Service Agreement may result in actions by the State/Branch which could include exclusion from entry into competition.

2. Obligations: 2.1 To be eligible to compete a person must: • Be a registered, financial member and meet the award requirements for the specified period as determined from time to time (refer entry Circulars and Bulletins for events). # • Perform the required amount of Patrol Hours* as set, and/or • Perform other recognised activity** as set by their club

2.2 For members of a club to be eligible to compete in SLS Competitions, the club must: • Not be in default of the Patrol Contract/Lifesaving Service Agreement in place with their State/Branch centre.
*Junior Activity Members who hold the Surf Rescue Certificate are exempt from having to perform patrol hours.

**Those members who are recognised for other service to the club are to be recorded within the Club Management Committee Minutes and recorded on SurfGuard. A club may recognise a wide range of service activities (as noted in Section 2.3) as it deems suitable, as well as patrol hour obligations, subject to meeting the club’s Patrol Contract/Lifesaving Service Agreement requirements and taking into consideration an individual’s commitments to the club as detailed in the guidelines.

# Non-Award Members aged U15 to Masters may be eligible to compete in most SLSA Non-Championship competitions once completing the prerequisite and safety assessment for the relevant award as detailed within Policy 1.02 Use of SLS Equipment. They will be subject to all other requirements for competition as set from time to time.

2.3 Competition Eligibility includes: • Option A: A member meets their patrol obligation requirements as specified in Table 1 Minimum Annual Service Hour Requirements for Active, Reserve Active and U15 Members. • Option B: A member completes a minimum number of patrol hours and is recognised by the club for other voluntary contributions relating to the club. • Option C: A member performs other voluntary duties relating to the club’s operations that the club recognises in lieu of patrol hours. Clubs seeking competition eligibility for members under this option must apply through their Branch/State.

3. Patrol Service Requirements a. SLS Clubs are required to enter into a Patrol Contract/Lifesaving Service Agreement with their Branch/State Centre. It is the SLS Club’s responsibility to ensure it complies with the Patrol Contract/Lifesaving Service Agreement and to oversee that their members are undertaking their obligations as required by the State Centre and the club (as per the club’s constitution, regulations and/or rules). b. Under no circumstance shall any member be granted an exemption from patrol obligations solely for competition reasons. c. For returning and continuing Active, Reserve Active and Under 15 members wishing to participate in any SLS Championship competition, the minimum annual personal patrol hour requirements from 1 January to 31 December of the preceding year is as follows:

For the Table of explanation see attachment

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