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ASRL Newsletter No 72

1 year 4 months ago #43839 by ASRL Committee
ASRL Committee created the topic: ASRL Newsletter No 72
ASRL Newsletter N0: 72 May 2017

This newsletter will carry information on:
1. ASRL Member Forum
2. ASRL Suggested Probationary Bronze

ASRL Member Forum:

Next Saturday 20 May the ASRL will be hosting an invitee member Forum to finalise the approach to SLSA over a couple of key issues.

Forum attendees: Jeff Hegarty Nth Cottesloe, Geoff Matthews Lorne, Stephen Blewett Portsea, Scott Tannahill Torquay, Shane Gelovan Bulli, Peter Spence PB, NR Perry Manly, Richard Brierty Avoca, Gary Williams Tallebudgera, Joe Fraser Currumbin, Michael Brooks Maroochydore, Graham Huegill Mermaid, Michael Boffinger Nth Cronulla, Michael King Newport, Gavin Hunt Moruya, Brett Main Caves, Matt Culka St Kilda, Matt Collins Mona Vale, Kim Marsh Freshwater, Harry Baxter Coolum, Aaron Tannahill Somerton

Each and every member if you haven’t already availed yourself of attending one of the many regional forums conducted in each State are invited to contact any of the above to provide your views on the two key topics to be discussed at the Forum.

1. The running of future Aussie Surfboat Championships

After this seasons cancelled Aussie event the conduct of future Championships has become an extremely hot topic. We want to help find the right balance in the running and location of future events and following this forum a submission will be made to SLSA for the improvement of future events

2. The removal of Membership Barriers

Club recruitment is another issue way past the time to be addressed by SLSA. The National Review of Surf Sports was handed down with a strong list of recommendations for change in February 2016. To date very little has happened to make the recommended changed so keenly sought by the vast majority that were involved in the National Review.

Based on our crew participation numbers nationally it is plainly obvious that change has to happen to unshackle the hands of our surf clubs and allow them to be in the market place for new members on an equal footing to many other sports. This will also be a topic for the Forum

The ASRL has made to SLSA what we believe to be a very simple and functional suggestion as the first step to change and we are calling it the Probationary Bronze

Probationary Bronze:
The introduction of a probationary Bronze fits completely inside the intent of the National Review of Surf Sport and ticks many of the boxes. It would be a simply implemented first step to overhauling some long outdates processes.

How it Works:
Clubs would be unshackled in recruiting and offering membership on an equal playing field to many other sports that they currently are competitors of for new members.

The new club member would:
• Pay a membership fee to include an insurance plan
• Do the required Run Swim Run to show competency as currently happens
• Immediately have access to all equipment under qualified coaches supervision be it lifesaving and competition equipment
• Immediately (when deemed competent) be eligible for local competition
• Be rostered onto patrol as probationary but no requirement for specified patrol hours in the first season of membership as the emphasis will be on learning
• Key elements of the Bronze will be taught by the Patrol Captain and patrol under the supervision of the Club Trainer while also learning the surf skills required of patrolling members
• Each module is signed off as completed by an appropriate Assessor in consultation with the Patrol Captain; so Board & Tube rescue – tick
• On-line modules to be completed during the season
• The Probationary member may participate without completing the Bronze at all SLS events other than Championship events for the first season
• The Probationary member must have completed the Bronze by close of entry for State Championship to be allowed to compete at State or National Championship. This then becomes the incentive for the member and the club to complete the Bronze course in in a timely fashion if the member is also a competitor

The Probationary Bronze removes all the barriers for a new member to come along to our clubs, join up and learn as they try our sport. If they like us we know they will stay for at least 5 to 10 years. If they don’t we haven’t wasted the time of the club Trainers etc undertaking lengthy training for someone that is going to walk away.

The gatekeeper that will monitor, direct and control this process will be the member surf club. This is no change to what happens now except we are lifting barriers to joining and competition and shifting the emphasis across a season instead demanding everything is completed before any activity is available to the new member.

ASRL Committee

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