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Aussies that were to be in 2017

1 year 3 months ago #43830 by Bert Hunt
Bert Hunt created the topic: Aussies that were to be in 2017
The decision to cancel all water events would have been made with correct intentions. It was however one of the worst decisions ever made in this sport and will now not go away without major change to how our events are run and controlled into the future.

The ASRL made serious representation about changes needed after last year's Aussies but were given lip service. Under past agreements we were to be in that safety meeting room on Friday as part of the decision process but that didn't happen.

Had competitor or product expert people been in that meeting the correct decision to sit on any final outcome until first light on Sat would have seen a completely different end result with all competitors still racing.

Mistakes can be excused even if annoying. Over reaction and totally incorrect decision can't be justified nor swept under the carpet.

Changes now have to happen. Competitor representative bodies will have to be listened to. Some things will now not be negotiable and the first gesture of conciliation to SLS members must be the refunding of entry fees to every every water competitor that didn't get their feet wet at these championships.

People are angry and they have a right to feel completely let down by the peak body of our sort. Individually SLSA is made up of nice people but collectively the SLS systems are broken and they can't see out of the bunker nor understand the changes that have to be made that will correct this sport.

The actions of all competitors from this moment forward must be United as the task of change required is heavy.

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1 year 3 months ago #43831 by Two Shackles Bill
Two Shackles Bill replied the topic: Aussies that were to be in 2017
Were the Gold Coast beaches open or closed to the general public on the Saturday & Sunday?
Did the Qld Govt ask for the Championships to be cancelled "out of respect" due to the destruction & death toll of the Cyclone Debbie? If the answer to this is yes, why then did the Bronco's & Cowboys play on the Thursday & Friday night? As well the Gold Coast & Doomben Race Meetings going ahead on the Saturday.
Were the SLSA or whoever underwrites the Titles worried about "another black eye" after accidents at previous Australian Championships?
So where does this leave the surf boat rowing fraternity ? Does over a 100 years of men & nowadays women testing their highly trained skills against the sea come to an end just because of an SLSA non boatie making a decision?
Many years ago a political party came up with a slogan "IT'S TIME". Maybe the ASRL & it's membership are at that point in time where they ask themselves a similar question?
However there are always other options but the one I don't want to see happen, is the demise of one of the last true bastions of Australian Sporting culture lost to SLSA Brureaucracy.

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