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2020 ASRL Open - Local Rules

1 year 2 months ago #43960 by aaron.tannahill
aaron.tannahill created the topic: 2020 ASRL Open - Local Rules


Local Rules: The ASRL Open 2020

The ASRL Open is conducted under the rules of the 36th Edition of the SLSA Surf Sports Manual and these local rules

The SLSA Code of Conduct applies, with all Competitors, Officials and Organisers expected to comply with the Code at all times. Breaches of the Code may result in disqualification from the event as well as broader sanctions

Carnival Committee: The Event Director, Carnival Referee, Chair of the Boat Panel and Safety Officer

The Carnival Committee are responsible for all decisions regarding safety and programming.

Competition Rules

1. All crews must wear the new 100 Years of Surf Boat ASRL Team Navy racing singlet and club competition cap/helmet

2. Composite crews: crews made of rowers from more than one club will only be able to enter the event with the approval of the Carnival Referee. Please submit any requests for composite crews to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Refer to ASRL Open Competition Rules 3 and 4 for requirements for crew changes during the event.

3. Substitute sweeps: Crews may borrow sweeps from another crew within their club or a different club if:

· A crew is unable to continue because the sweep is not qualified at the SHR level i.e. SHR above 13 for S2 Restricted Sweeps

· Injury means the sweep cannot continue

· The crew sweep is not sufficiently confident to continue

· Event programming requires the sweeps to be in another area

Substitute sweeps may not compete twice in any one division, even after one of the two crews in question has been eliminated

Crews must gain approval to use a substitute sweep from the Carnival Referee prior to the event if the requirement is already known, or the Carnival or Sectional Referee once racing has commenced.

The substitute sweep is to wear their own competition cap

4. Substitute rowers: In the event of injury, or other special condition, a rower may be substituted from within the same club.

Substitute rowers may not compete twice in any one division, even after their usual crew has been eliminated

Substitute rowers may not compete in a division below their usual crew division. For example, an Open rower cannot substitute into a Reserve crew.

Crews must gain approval to make a substitution from the Carnival or Sectional Referee.

5. The event may be run under any of the following race formats depending on conditions and timing:

· Round robin with point score

· Elimination

· Starts and finishes may be wet or dry

· Other

6. Races may be run in the following formats depending on conditions and timing:

· 4 to 7 boat races

· Match racing

7. Point score during round robin as per the current edition of the surf sports manual

· DNS = 0 points

· DNF = 3 points

· DQ for rule breach = 3 points

· DQ for misconduct can result in elimination from the division or the ASRL Open plus a disciplinary process as per the SLSA code of conduct and Surf Sports Manual

8. Finish Line Cameras: It is intended that finish line cameras will be used during the ASRL Open – Sweeps will be informed if they are or are not being used.

When the cameras are in use the finish line marker and the area markers will be identified during the Sweeps meetings before each block of racing.

Any significant changes to the use of cameras on the finish line during a block will be announced over the PA system and via the marshals.

Only the Chief Judge, Competition Liaison or Referee will be permitted to review footage in the case of a protest.

9. The Carnival Committee may postpone the announcement of official placings, and distribution of any prizes until after all protests, Carnival Disciplinary reports, or other matters have been determined and finalised.

10. Interstate Competition

· The 2020 Interstate Competition will include QLD, NSW, Vic, SA and WA only

· The U19/23 and the Reserve/Open Relays will be the first events of the Interstate Competition

· Lanes will be selected prior to the first race and then states will move one lane up for each subsequent race (for example, lane 1 moves to lane 2, and lane 5 moves to lane 1)

· Interstate crews in the Reserve Men and Women divisions have the option to not compete in the final round of the main Reserve competition on Friday morning. If they choose not to race the final round on Friday morning, they will be awarded equal 1st place. Crews that choose to race the final round will receive their place as they cross the line.

· Each Interstate race (including all three relays) will receive standard point score for placings.

· In the event that two or more States are on equal points at the completion of all races, the highest place getter from the Combined/All Division Relay will be named the Champion State.

· Interstate crews must wear State Team vests and competition caps

Interstate relays:

· The U19/23, Reserve/Open and or the Combined Relays may be held as Short Course depending on conditions and time available

· The Combined Relay will be awared double points

· Depending on time available and conditions, one or both of the U19/23 and the Reserve/Open Relays may not be run

· Crews may use their individual surfboats but must not infringe on other states at the change overs or when moving boats into and out of the area. Infringement may result in disqualification

· Only competitors from the relay being raced can assist with moving boats. All other people must be outside of the area.

· Starts and finishes may be wet or dry

· It is intended that the Open Men be the final leg of the Combined Relay, but depending on conditions the Carnival Referee may dictate the order of divisions in any of the three relays

· The Carnival Referee may reduce the number of legs in the Combined Relay based on conditions

11. International competition

The four Australian and four New Zealand (two each in Open Women, Open Men, U23 Women and U23 Men) representative crews do not have to complete the round robin racing in their division on Saturday. They will be included into the draw from Sunday morning as equal first qualifiers.

General Rules

12. All crews must be current financial members of a surf club and have achieved the Surf Bronze Medallion as a minimum.

13. Boat Sharing: Every effort will be made to accommodate crews who contact the Carnival Referee by the close of entries. After the close of entries, we cannot guarantee that clubs can be drawn into the same area

14. The Carnival Referee has the power to induct non-officials to work as Officials for the event as required

15. Photographers wanting to shoot commercial images of the event must firstly register and gain approval from the ASRL Committee

16. Only the ASRL authorised Drone can be used at the ASRL Open to comply with council and permit requirements. Any other Drones will be stopped from use and may face a fine

17. Compulsory sponsor stickers must be affixed to all boats for the duration of the race. Other stickers may be required to be removed, or otherwise covered if they conflict with any event sponsors.

18. The event shall be conducted under the policy and regulations of the Surf Life Saving Association of Australia (SLSA) regarding drugs in sports.

19. No competitor, handler, coach, officer or spokesperson for a club may make media statements, which brings the event, its Sponsors, the ASRL or the SLSA into controversy. Clubs who breach this rule will be disciplined under SLSA processes

20. Competitors will not undertake any commercial or publicity activity with companies in commercial rivalry with the event sponsors, in the same time sequence and general location of the event.

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