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2015 SLSA Surf Boat Championships-Tugun SLSC

5 years 3 months ago - 5 years 3 months ago #43580 by bristles
bristles created the topic: 2015 SLSA Surf Boat Championships-Tugun SLSC
Please see below up to date information on the 2015 Aussies for Clubs and Competitors and the Area Splits from the Boat Referee.

Charles Melloy has particularly asked that the following be passed on to all Clubs and Crews:

Tents can be placed on the beach from Friday 7.00 am and crews are reminded that they are to stay away from the upper dune areas. No damage is to be caused to the dune area so please show a little caution.

If you haven’t seen the beach area we are a little skinny on dry ground at the high water mark, so all tents will have to be placed behind the high water mark which is evident.

Please be aware that SLSA and the referee Andrew Buhk have worked with Don Cotterill and myself in trying to come up with suitable alternate venues. You need to be aware that we have been significantly limited in our options by the authorities because of the school holiday period. If we do have to make that move then I simply ask you work with us and make the most of the situation.


Firstly I am looking forward together with your Sectional Referee’s Mick Lang and Peter Van Deuren to welcoming you to the Aussies 2015 Surf Boat Championships at our stand alone venue, Tugun.

I would like to go through a few matters that will assist in the running of the event and also to keep you in touch with what has and is about to happen.

AREAS - There will be two (2) designated competition areas.

Area 1 will be the northern area, Purple in colour and under the control of Peter Van Deuren.
Area 2 will be the southern area , Lime in colour and under the control of Mick Lang.


Will be conducted in the carpark area located to the north of the Tugun SLSC Clubhouse.

Entry to this area is via Wybera Street. (Wybera Street is located to the north of the Tugun Clubhouse.
When entering Wybera Street drive straight to the end of the cul-de-sac to the driveway area of the carpark. There your boats can be unhooked and pushed into the scrutineering area where they will be scrutinised. No vehicles are permitted to be parked in the carpark area at all. After scrutineering has been conducted your craft will be towed, trailer and all onto the beach and into your respective areas.

Scrutineering Hours: Sat 11/04/15 12.30pm – 3.00pm
Sun 12/04/15 07.00am – 3.00pm
Mon13//04/15 07.00am – 3.00pm

All other days 07.00am – 3.00pm


Will be allowed on the beach area at the far northern end of the northern area and the far southern end of the southern area. The tractor drivers will take your craft to the parking area where the boats can be unloaded and the trailers parked.

THIS IS IMPORTANT– the trailers are to be parked in an orderly fashion where they can remain for the duration of the event or until you choose to take your boat off the beach. The Gold Coast City Council will have council staff on site and any breach WILL, not maybe, WILL, lead to all trailers being removed from the beach and off to another area. It is up to us to ensure we heed by these rules.


Will commence with the Masters Competition on Tuesday 14/04/15 at 8.00am under the control of Peter Van Deuren. Peter has a pretty full programme so it is important for all that we start on time. A decision on what area will be used for the Masters will be made well before the event commences so as to allow you to prepare.

The Open Competition will commence on Thursday 16/04/15 in both areas and will be conducted between the hours of 8.00am and 4.00pm
Knowing the Masters is on Tuesday and without publishing the entire programme I can tell you the following:

Thursday Life Saver Relay Heats
Surf Boat Relay Heats
Reserve Grade
U/23 Men
U/23 Women

Friday Life Saver Relay Semi Finals
Open Men
Open Women

Saturday Life Saver Relay Final
Surf Boat Relay Final
All Divisions

Sunday All Divisions


For the Maters will be held at 7.20am on Tuesday morning in front of the Announcers donger. A general briefing for all sweeps and boat managers will be conducted at 3.30pm on Wednesday, 15/04 /15 on the grassed area to the rear of the Announcers donger addressing the Open Championships. Daily briefing will be conducted at 7.20am on each individual competition day throughout the Championships.


Should the unthinkable occur our ocean backup is North Kirra while our still water is Clear Island Lake and I like you hope we don’t go anywhere near it.


When I last spoke to Don Cotterill prior to his departure to Gallipoli he put forward the following persons for the Boat Panel -John Wright (Chairman); Damian Clayphan, Stephen Blewett, Grant Wilkinson, Matt Wildman, Bruce Zillman and Nathan Perry. On behalf of Peter and Mick, I look forward to working with you.


Don’t forget the Masters function on Tuesday evening at the Currumbin SLSC. Time to tell about how big that winning wave was. Contact Andrew Hogan – 0412 095 339 for details.


We have established a very good and highly experienced team of officials, who have like you have given up their time to officiate as you have to compete.

While I am only too well aware of ‘heat of the moment’ instances I do look forward to extending the camaraderie which is ever so present in our discipline.


After many conversations with Event Referee, Andrew Buhk, ASRL President Bert Hunt and other ASRL committee members, you can see after due consideration the programme has been reduced form virtually 4 ½ days to 4 full days. This will work if we have favourable conditions and co-operation from you the competitors.

The marshal’s will be there doing their best to get you onto the line without much delay. Crew change overs and change of lanes is expected but it will work better if we have your co-operation.

That’s pretty much it at this time. Like I said at the beginning together with Mick and Peter and the rest of your officials I am looking forward to being able to conduct a good, fair and exciting event with you the competitors all being the winners – medals or not.

Looking forward to catching up at Tugun.

Regards to all.

Charles Melloy
Boat Area Referee

You can download the information above as a pdf via the link below:

File Attachment:

File Name: Aussies-20...plit.pdf
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5 years 3 months ago - 5 years 3 months ago #43587 by bristles
bristles replied the topic: 2015 SLSA Surf Boat Championships-Tugun SLSC
Urgent notice from the Surf Boat Referee regarding parking of the surf boats at the Championships

North Kirra;

No surf boats are to be parked on the beach or in the close vicinity to North Kirra due to parking restrictions in the area for the duration of the carnival; if your Club has left their boats there please remove them ASAP.


Surf Boat parking is allowed at the Community Centre at Tugun.

Once scrutineering starts from 12.30pm Saturday 11 April, Clubs will then be towed onto the beach, remove the boat and the trailers will be placed at the
Northern or Southern ends of the beach according to your competitive area.
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5 years 3 months ago - 5 years 3 months ago #43595 by bristles
bristles replied the topic: 2015 SLSA Surf Boat Championships-Tugun SLSC
Important Information;

Masters Crews:

Clubs are encouraged to report today, if you are not attending please advise Thecla at 0411027991.

Srutineering should be done today to ensure that crews are ready to row at 8.00 am Tuesday morning.

The Masters Championships will be conducted in front of the Tugun SLSC.


120Yrs Male ROUND 1
140Yrs Male ROUND 1
160Yrs Male ROUND 1
180Yrs Male ROUND 1
120Yrs Female ROUND 1
140Yrs Female ROUND 1
160Yrs Female ROUND 1
180Yrs Female ROUND 1
200Yrs Minimum ROUND 1
220Yrs Minimum ROUND 1
240Yrs Minimum ROUND 1
260Yrs Minimum ROUND 1
120Yrs Male ROUND 2
140Yrs Male ROUND 2 Cut to 6
160Yrs Male ROUND 2 CUT TO 10
180Yrs Male ROUND 2 CUT TO 12
120Yrs Female ROUND 2
140Yrs Female ROUND 2
160Yrs Female ROUND 2
180Yrs Female ROUND 2
200Yrs Minimum ROUND 2 CUT TO 16
220Yrs Minimum ROUND 2 CUT T0 10
240 Yrs Minimum ROUND 2
260Yrs Minimum ROUND 2
160Yrs Male SEMI FINAL
180Yrs Male SEMI FINAL
200Yrs Minimum SEMI FINAL
220Yrs Minimum SEMI FINAL
140Yrs Male FINAL
160Yrs Male FINAL
180Yrs Male FINAL
200Yrs Minimum FINAL
220Yrs Minimum FINAL
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