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ASRL Newsletter #74 - October 2017

newsletter2The ASRL Committee has released October Newsletter #74 which should already be in your Inbox if you have subscribed.  The Newsletter contains news on National Team Selection, The Need to Talk to your Club President, ASRL Membership & Open Entry, and a Drugs in Sport update!  All rowers are encouraged to have a good read.  Newsletter #74 is below.

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ASRL Newsletter

Newsletter #74 - October 2017
This newsletter will carry information on:
  1. National Selection Event
  2. Members need to talk to your Club Presdient
  3. Banned Substance
  4. ASRL Membership and Open Entry 

National Selection Event: 

Time to get those nominations into SLSA to be considered for inclusion into the National Selection Event. 
  • Team Nomination Sheet
  • Selection Policy
  • Team Manager Nomination 
You find all these forms on the ASRL Website at www.ASRL.com.au or these documents can also be found on the SLSA Members Portal  > Library > Sport > High Performance and Olympic Pathway > SLSA > Australian Life Saving Team > Trans-Tasman Boat Series
The ASRL will again be conducting the selection event under the same process we have developed that has met with good approval from past crews. More on that a bit closer to the date.
It is important that you complete the SLSA nomination form and return it by the closing date. Don’t be disappointed by missing the cut off but this is the only way to be invited in the selection event process. No late acceptance.
Divisions are for: 
  • Open Female and Open Male for the Test Cap event
  • Crews U23 Female & Male (can be U19) for the Development Series 
The New Zealand crews will be travelling to Australia and competing at the Navy ASRL Open in Elouera where this Test Series will again be held  

Members Need to Talk to Your Club President: 

As we now know the SLSA Board introduced a raft of Policy changes to 5.4 and 1.02 and other items all around a bit of trust in your surf club to manage their patrol roster and the membership while removing barriers to membership. All these changes can be found on the ASRL Website in a Statement from the SLSA President. One of the great changes has been the flexibility in allowing new members to join and use equipment and be involved in competition before completing the Bronze.
Unfortunately, we are hearing of varied levels of resistance e.g. in QLD your Branches have voted to reject the change. In NSW we understand that Branches have been asked to reject the changes.
The SLSA Board has provided the pathway for us all to walk forward into the new world. Those people fighting change need to understand that these outcomes are what the current and potential future membership is demanding of all modern sporting organisations. To fight against it is to hold our sport back and show an ignorance to the facts.
What is very sad is that nothing in SLS has been as well researched and debated for a long time nor has it been more overdue. The recognition of the effects of a changing society within SLS started back in 2012. SLSA appointed several independent organisations to help set up, run and advise outcomes including the most extensive consultation with the stakeholders including States and individual members had been completed.
  • SLSA spent almost 18 months on the meetings, consultation and submission stage of this project
  • every State Branch and member had an opportunity to be heard
  • SLSA then spent a lot of time turning the result of all this research into specific recommendations to go to the SLSA Board for approval
  • At every stage the States & Branches were consulted, included and had the opportunity for input
  • The final recommendations again went out for comment before going to the SLSA Board
  • When first presented to the SLSA Board the outcomes were watered down for a Stage one release 12 months ago
  • It was recognised early that the first attempt for change was a timid reflection on the recommended course of action that had resulted from the full enquiry
  • The report was referred back by the Board for more work and consultation with stakeholders
  • In August 2017 the SLSA Board righted the process and introduced the changes 
This has been the most comprehensive process imaginable and in our democratic society we are taught to accept the majority decision. To now see a certain element of our sport trying to undo what clearly has been the result of good research and reflection of the sports position is shameful to those driving this.

Just one simple example of the silly stuff being cited as reasons to stop progress is:  
“if the Patrol changes to Policy 5.4 go through all my club members will leave and join club X”
  • Firstly, this has never been about not doing patrols, if people and clubs want to cheat a system they will already be doing so
  • Most members will find it easier to just do the patrol hours
  • It is about TRUSTING our surf club management to make good decisions
  • It is about the flexibility being available to our surf club to place the voluntary hours where they the club need them to fulfil the Patrol Obligation and operate the club
  • Surf Clubs had the right to manage themselves until the 90’s so for 80 years your club was trusted until someone decided they were no longer trustworthy and changed the system 
Unless you have taken the time to read and comprehend the full National Review into Surf Sport plus listened to the debate you simply can’t be in a position to even attempt to overturn that decision.
Finally, this is a national policy decision made by the peak body of SLS in Australia with the full knowledge of the outcomes. If we start allowing individual Clubs, Branches and States to ignore or change these national policies then we open the door to changing and challenging every other national policy and then why do we need a national body at all.
If people want to challenge the outcome it is incumbent on them to do their own research, come up with a list of findings supported by fact and start the process of further change through the correct channels.
Hopefully sensible heads will see and understand that this is the future but members should be asking their club President where he or she stands on this issue and putting the pressure on them to represent you and your point of view at future meetings. 

Drugs in Sport 

We have been advised of a banned substance that apparently is still available for purchase. This is the notification received from SLSA so please ensure your athletes are informed.
From what we know, it’s a pre-workout. These are just some of the products it could be found in:   Some of these products are in “2017’s best pre-workouts: 
The products were to be pulled from shelves in June 2017, however, within various forums, they are still in circulation.

ASRL Membership & Open Entry 

We have again tried to keep our costings as tight as possible for the coming season.
Once again, all U19 rowers will be free membership to the ASRL and free entry into the ASRL Open so the price is right. We have included a clothing fee of $10 which will see the U19 with a Racing Singlet and Cap
Membership for this season is $25 which will be invoiced in each of State barring NSW from entry into the various Navy Series events. For this as well as membership you will receive a Racing Singlet and Cap
Entry into the ASRL Open is $40 per head.
With the season just about to start we wish you all well for an enjoyable 2017-18 of competition. 

ASRL Committee

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