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ASRL Newsletter #66 - October 2016

newsletter2The ASRL Committee has released Newsletter #66 which should already be in your Inbox if you have subscribed.  The Newsletter contains important information regarding Changes to the SLSA Surf Sports Manual, New Female Racing Divisions and more.  All rowers are encouraged to have a good read.  Newsletter #66 is below.

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ASRL Newsletter #66

October 2016

This newsletter will carry information on:
  1. Changed to the SLSA Surf Sports Manual
  2. New Female Racing Divisions
  3. Representative Team
  4. Navy Events
  5. From Surfboat rower to the Navy

Changes to Surf Sports Manual

The ASRL has been involved in several important changes to the SSM that will beneficially affect all rowers from this season forward.

  • The first in a change to Masters Diversion
  • The second is a change to allow 2 Competition Transfers per calendar year

Direct extract from SLSA Bulletin 03‐16/17 relating to Masters & Competition Transfers is listed below:

SLSA has a responsibility to continually review and update its policies to reflect member requirements. To this end SLSA has reviewed its Masters Competition Policy 5.09 to achieve age and gender equity and to demonstrate continuous sport improvement and to encourage participation. Along with an update to Competitive Rights & Transfers Policy 6.24 to allow two (2) transfers per calendar year.

Outline of Changes
The following outlines the changes have made to Policy 5.09:
 Gender equity and age equity for all masters individual events.
 Gender equity and age equity for all masters team events i.e. there will be separate male and female team events and no mixed team events (except for the SERC).
 Flexibility be considered should there be program issues at events conducted by SLSA, States, Branches and Clubs.
 A streamlined approach to the conduct of events in competitions and for future review of events to be conducted.

All Masters events listed in the new Policy were conducted at the 2016 SLSA Pool Rescue Championships and the Ocean events will be conducted at the 2017 SLSA Masters Surf Life Saving Championships.

The new Policy 5.09 and Attachment is effective immediately and has been posted to the Members Portal located on the SLSA website at: Library>> Governance, Policies, Forms, SOP's and more>>3 Policy>>SLSA

The following outlines the changes have made to Policy 6.24:
 The number of transfers to be increased to two (2) per calendar year (i.e. 1 January to 31 December of that year)

The new Policy 6.24 is effective immediately and has been posted to the Members Portal located on the SLSA website at: Library>> Governance, Policies, Forms, SOP's and more>>3 Policy>>SLSA

The third issue is Composite Crews and we touched on that in Newsletter 65 with reference to the relevant Section 12 of the SSM. Further to that we sought clarification from SLSA as to how the policy was to be managed at Championship events and a joint statement on this issue can be found HERE. Basically composite crews may be allowed by the rules of local competition for day to day events but composite crews will not be eligible to compete at Championship events.

New Female Racing Divisions

As previously advised then two new divisions have been introduced for this current season including at the National Championship. The basic rules for championship events will be:

  • Crews must nominate for the division they are eligible and want to row in
  • So for a senior crew you will either nominate as Open or Reserve Female
  • For all local competition the event organisers may allow any mix of divisions to best suit the crew numbers
  • The new senior female division will take up the name Reserve grade
  • We thank those that participated in the conversation around the possibility to change some racing division names and the general feedback was split between a change and not but no strong desire was present to change. Accordingly we have advised SLSA that we are keen to keep the two senior divisions as Reserve Grade

Australian Representative Crews

We will again be conducting selection events for the two senior Test Crews and two Youth Development crews to travel to New Zealand for the test series this coming season.

  • The event will be conducted in NZ on the weekend of the 4 Feb 2017
  • Selection will be for an Open Male & Open Female crew which will be a full blown Australian Representative including the numbered Cap and Australian Blazer
  • The Youth Development Team will consist of a male and female crew who must be eligible to row in the under 23 division. Nothing prohibits the U19 crews from trying out for selection
  • Every crew wanting to be included  for consideration must complete the SLSA official nomination form with a link that can be HERE
  • Details of the process have been detailed by SLSA in the link document
The selection events will be:
  • Youth Development – selected at the Nth Cronulla carnival held on Saturday 17 December 2016
  • The selected crew will be the best placed of the nominated crews so if your nominating from the U19 division you will need to enter this carnival in the U23 division
  • Senior selection will be a standalone event held at Elouera on Sunday 18 December 2016
  • Actual event details will be made known well beforehand but crews that have previously attended this event will understand it is a very fair process
  • It is important to note that the senior team is a fully funded Australian Team but the Youth Development in accord with SLSA policy will be a self-funded Team and nominating crews need to consider this.
  • The ASRL will make every endeavour to financially assist the Youth Development Team and will make further announcements in the coming months


National Calendar of Events

We are again running State based Navy Event programs and the National program can be found above
This season membership will include entry into the ASRL Open event at Shellharbour and has been set at $40 per head.
All under 19 rowers will have free membership and free entry into the ASRL Open. We still need all the details for each of these U19 rowers so the membership database can be an accurate record
New YELLOW navy singlets exactly the same as last year will be available to any new rower or rower that has lost their singlet at a further cost of $10. You will need to indicate that you require or not a new singlet and this includes the U19 rowers and you will be supplied and invoiced accordingly

Adelaide nurse steps up from surfboat to frigate

Published on 09 October 2016 LEUT Tony White (author), ABIS Nicolas Gonzalez (photographer)

Web Link - https://news.navy.gov.au/en/Oct2016/People/3256/Adelaide-nurse-steps-up-from-surfboat-to-frigate.htm#.V_senOV9670

Adelaide intensive care nurse and Navy Reserve Nursing Officer, Delaney O’Donahoe, recently escaped the cool southern weather to finalise her officer training onboard helicopter frigate, HMAS Anzac.

The trip which started in Darwin and finished in Sydney via Eden, involved Lieutenant O'Donahoe consolidate her initial training at the Royal Australian Naval College at HMAS Creswell on the New South Wales south coast and experience life at sea.

Navy Nurses serve both full time and in the Reserve as members of multi-disciplinary teams responsible for the good health of Navy personnel. Workplaces vary from well-equipped hospitals ashore to clinics on ships and facilities under canvas when deployed in international teams on operations. Reserve nurses often deploy at short notice from their civilian roles as part of Australian Defence Force support to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions.

Lieutenant O'Donahoe had previously completed leadership and management modules, drill training, the Navy swimming and fitness tests, a pistol course and security awareness training at Creswell. She was then required to complete another eight modules via distance learning on topics such as how to write in a Defence style, basic warfare, naval history, the Defence Force Discipline Act and Maritime Doctrine. These units are self-paced over 12 months to allow for members to combine service with civilian work requirements.

Lieutenant O’Donahoe had some previous 'sea time' as a competitive surfboat rower with Brighton Surf Life Saving Club in the Navy sponsored Australian Surf Rowing League. 

"That surf boat weighs around 250 kg, and onboard a 3,800 tonne Anzac frigate the differences were obvious but the crew were really welcoming and it is pretty clear that small teams working together can achieve big things in both environments,” Lieutenant O’Donahoe said.

Before she proceeded to sea she was also trained in basic survival at sea, along with leak and damage repair techniches, basic first aid (although she was well across that one!). 

"Along the way I had the opportunity to ride in the Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats that are used for boarding parties when we were off Cape York, did physical training on the flight deck at sunrise and observed small arms training up close," she said.

The aim of the sea training deployment, which usually takes about three weeks, is to familiarise Reserve members with all the parts of a working ship, to enable their specialist skills to be readily employed in the future. That said, for an intensive care nurse, away from the bustle of a working hospital, the voyage was also a chance to reflect on the simple things in life.

"Watching sunsets out on the ship’s flight deck seeing nothing but sky, sea and stars was the most amazing part," she said. 

Lieutenant O'Donahoe will be applying her intensive care skills across a range of defence operational environments across the world in the near future. If you'd like to join her visit https://www.defencejobs.gov.au/navy/jobs/NursingOfficer/.

#Repost from Instagram - "I said ROW FASTER LADIES"

#Repost @currumbin_boaties

What a shot of our under 23 Women at this years #TeamNavyASRL Open at Shellharbour Well done to the Sirens who made it to the semi finals. Thanks to Malcolm trees for the fantastic shot!
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