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ASRL Newsletter #64 - June 2016

newsletter2The ASRL Committee has released Newsletter #64 which should already be in your Inbox if you have subscribed.  The Newsletter contains important information regarding the upcoming ASRL AGM.  All rowers are encouraged to have a good read.  Newsletter #64 is below.

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ASRL Newsletter

Newsletter #64 - June 2016
This newsletter will carry information on:
  2. ASRL Member Survey Response 
ASRL 2016 AGM:
The ASRL AGM will be held at the:
Amora Hotel Riverwalk,
649 Bridge St,
Richmond, Victoria
Commencing at 10.00am
On Saturday 23 July 2016

Full agenda and nominations plus any Notice of Motion will be posted on the ASRL Website and referenced on the ASRL/Navy Facebook page
As is the format the AGM will be followed by a member Forum where you get to ask the questions.
ASRL Member Survey Update:
Thank you to those who completed the recent ASRL participation survey to help us understand why people leave our sport. Attached are the recommendations that have come out of the survey. Please note that this focuses on the participation end. The seriously competitive end is a separate issue. 
Also attached is the SLSA summary of recommendations that came out of their National Sports Review. “NSR”
We have tried to structure our recommendations to fit in with the NSR where possible.  Many of the recommendations are already being worked on by the ASRL/SLSA through other channels.
We don’t ask you to agree with every detail, but we do ask that you support the general direction which aims to turn around the decline in our sport.
Whether you like it or not, we are joined at the hip with SLSA on this. Travelling back in time to the good old days of 1953 is not an option. Setting up a separate sport outside SLSA is not currently on the table. We need to move forward with SLSA to find a win win.
The big picture here is that by removing barriers to entry and making our sport more attractive to stay involved in, we aim to grow our competitor base. As a result SLSA will get more capable patrolling members. 
We will try and give a bit more detail and answer any questions at the annual meeting in July.
ASRL Survey Overview can be found HERE
SLSA Sports Review Summary can be found HERE
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