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ASRL Newsletter #56 - June 2015


Current Committee: 
Bert Hunt Country SC NSW President – contesting Ballot
Rod Costa Vic Secretary – standing down
Don Alexander SA Treasurer – not up for re-election this year (2 year term)
Don Cotterill Qld Vice President – contesting ballot
Grant Wilkinson SB Vice President NSW – contesting ballot
Geoff Mathews Vic Vice President - not up for re-election this year (2 year term)
Mick Lang Country NC NSW Vice President - not up for re-election this year (2 year term)
Nathan Perry SNB NSW Vice President - not up for re-election this year (2 year term)
Mark Irwin WA Vice President – not standing again
New Committee Nominations: 
Gary Watts SNB NSW – standing as President
Alex Hill SNB NSW - standing as Secretary
Dave Hopper SNB NSW – standing as Vice President
Tim McFarlane WA – standing as Vice President
AGM & Vote Detail:
The AGM will commence:
  • Saturday 18 July at 10am
  • Tweed Heads & Coolangatta Surf Lifesaving Club Gold Coast Qld
  • All ASRL members welcome
  • Electronic voting will be available to all financial members
  • Members may utilize the Proxy Vote Form which requires that each member can carry one proxy vote into the AGM
  • Members may also vote on the floor at the AGM with the hand ballot opening at 9.30am and closing at 10am  
You can download a copy of the AGM Agenda by clicking HERE
Electronic Vote Process:
  • The electronic vote will go live on Sat 4 July
  • The electronic vote will close at 9.30am on Sat 18 July
  • All financial members with a current email listed will receive via email an invitation to vote token
  • One token per member which can only be used one time
  • Electronic voting will take less than 5 minutes
What to do if we don’t have your email:
  • This newsletter will be emailed to every member we are holding an email address for
  • It will also be posted on the Website
  • It will be posted onto the Navy/ASRL Facebook Page
  • If you haven’t received the Newsletter via email it is because you or your club haven’t provided us with a valid current email address
  • If you believe you are a current financial member from last season and didn’t receive the Newsletter No 56 by email you should immediately contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will be able to confirm your membership and add your email contact to the database
Itemised List of ASRL Committee Achievements since 2006 
It is timely and important to record for history the diversity of issues undertaken and delivered on behalf of the membership by your ASRL committee in the years since 2006. This list will now live on the website and can be added to in following years. It can be accessed by clicking HERE. It makes very interesting reading to see just how much has been achieved and is possible by a relatively small body representing competitors if well organised and properly delivered. Of course a long history for the ASRL exists before 2006 and this will and should also be added so a complete history is properly recorded on the Website
List of CV for Committee Positions: 
As we live all over Australia it is impossible to know every person nominating for committee positions. To date we have been very fortunate in the way a balanced vote falls and have always had a committee representative from each of the mainland States. The constitution is silent on where committee persons must reside and the membership have it in their power to decide.
To make your decision easier on who to vote for we have included a CV type document provided by each person contesting the vote. You will now find those individual documents HERE and they will also be placed on the ASRL Website
State by State Membership Forums: 
With the advent of the National Review of Surf Sports it is a perfect time for us to visit you in each State and key Region to understand the range of issues that you believe are important. 
We will be starting this process in Tassie on the 4 July. Round two will be held at the completion of the July AGM at Coolangatta and the rest are planned to roll out from there. 
  • Tasmania meet with the ASRL: Sat 4 July at Howrah Sunshine Recreation Centre 11 Howrah Rd Howrah (Hobart). Forum commences 1.30 Sharp
  • Qld & Nth NSW meet with the ASRL immediately at the completion of the AGM (approximately 11.30 onwards)
At these forums we will have a set of standard ASRL questions around events, frequency, what role the ASRL should play and importantly issues that may be specific to each area.
As has just been confirmed from SLSA we will now also be rolling out items for the National Review of Surf Sport. This is far more outreaching and runs to the core of being a member, the barriers, what we can or would like to be delivering to the overall fabric of surf lifesaving and what should be removed.
These are must be involved Forums for each and every member. Your input will feed directly back into the National review so you are never going to get a better opportunity to be collectively heard than through the process of this review.
This election will be your opportunity to give a clear message as to how you want your ASRL to function. Don’t waste your chance to have a say. Make sure you are aware of what each nominee is offering and can deliver and if you need then ask questions.
You’re electronic Voting Token will be made available to you from Saturday the 4 July, exercise your right and vote
Committee ASRL

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