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The G100 - 23/24 April 2015

G100The Gallipoli 100 (G100) Storyline....

In 2008, a couple of masters rowers who now compete with North Bondi, came to me with the idea of a surf boat race at Gallipoli, to coincide with the 100th Anniversary of the ANZAC landings. Having been a boatie in the 60's and 70's, the idea had appeal. After several trips to Turkey, meetings with various Australian, New Zealand and Turkish Government officials, the idea turned into a reality with one key condition. The condition was that Turkey competes as well as Australia and New Zealand. 

For the past 4 years, with the total support of the ASRL, there are now some 20 crews in Turkey trained to row surf boats in both still water as well as the surf. It is likely that by the middle of 2014, there will be more Turkish crews. The Government of Canakkale, which covers the Gallipoli Peninsula, indicated that the event on 23 and 24 April, 2015, will be the major activity of the Commemorations on those days.

Surf boats with two Australian, one New Zealand, and one Turkish crew off North Beach

Most of the information on the G100 event is on www.gallipoli100.com.au website. Full details of the final arrangements will be released after April, 2014, after the ASRL team running the event return from their visit next year.

The event has 6 legs, 4 on the 23 April, and 2 on the morning of 24 April, 2015. A proposal to use our surf boats to conduct a re-enactment landing at 4.30am on 25 April, was also submitted to the ANZAC Committee appointed by the Government in 2011. Whilst we have had no official advice as to whether this will happen, we are hopeful that it will finally be okayed and have planned accordingly! We have made alternative arrangements regardless, as detailed on the Military History Tours website.

Good luck to all the MASTERS Crews in winning the free staterooms on our ship, the MSC Lirica.

Given the number of Masters crews entered, and the only condition that full payment for the accommodation package must be paid in full by 1 November this year, the odds are good.

Paul Murphy
Director Military History Tours

Masters Gallipoli G100 Giveaway Prize

The Master Surf Boat Rowers of Australia, which organizes the annual Masters dinner at Aussies each year, have been offered a fantastic prize; open to all masters crews going to the Gallipoli 100 surf boat row in Turkey, 2015.

Paul Murphy, of Military History Tours, who is arranging the G100 in 2015, has generously donated the prize valued at approx $35,000.00!

The Prize: Two, four berth cabins on board the charter ship MSC Lirica, which is the accommodation for all crews. This will be for the nine days of the tour but does not include airfares and travel insurance, however it includes all Battlefield tours, Special functions, etc. Details as listed on the G100 web site.. www.gallipoli100.com.au

The eight berths allows for two crews which is recommended as a team for the row allowing for crew change overs.

Who is eligible for the prize? Any masters crew who has registered and paid the required amount to Military History Tours by 1st November 2013. For registration details, go to the web site above, or phone on 1300 364 671 or call Paul Murphy on 0418 447 166.

All Masters crews (120 through to 260) from Australia and New Zealand are eligible to win.

When is it drawn? Draw will take place at the Master Surf Boat Rowers Dinner at the 2014 Aussies in Scarboro. This season, the dinner will also be open to all the masters crews (male and female, Aust & NZ) who have booked for the G100 and have paid their dinner booking fee by the close date. (Details of the dinner venue, cost, etc to be advised)

How to enter? Simply pay your G100 registration by 1st November and have a crew/club representative at the dinner in Western Australia.

The winning crew/ club will have their accommodation component of their registration refunded by G100 organizers

A list of all Masters crews who have entered will be published on ASRL chat during November.

So, you have three months to get organized...Good Luck!

Mike Tamblyn
Master Surf Boat Rowers of Australia

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