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Welcome the new 2011-2012 ASRL & Hall of Fame Committee

At the recent ASRL AGM at the Nth Cronulla Surf Club, the following ASRL Committee appointments were confirmed:

ASRLASRL Committee 2011-2012
PresidentBert Hunt
SecretaryTrish McDermott
TreasurerDon Alexander

Vice Presidents
Don Cotterill John Wright Stephen Blewett
Philippa Lowe Michael King Scott Tannahill

The Committeee would like to express a massive vote of thanks to Linda Hawkins, Frank Veltman & Anna Simmons for their work on the committee over the last year.

It is also with pleasure that the ASRL Committeee announces the appoitment of the following 5 Members to the Australian Surf Rowers League Hall of Fame Committee.

Rick Millar, Robert Walsh, Kim Marsh, Stephen Swane and Howard Christie

The ASRL Committee and membership thank the HoF Committee for their support and look forward to working with them this year.

ANNUAL REPORT - the 2011 ASRL Annual Report is now available for download - click here (pdf reader required - 2mb download)

Notice of Annual General Meeting

AGM 2011Members are invited to attend the ASRL AGM at the Nth Cronulla Surf Club on Saturday 16 July, 2011

Electronic Voting will be in use and will be open for 1 week on Friday the 8 July & will close at 10am on the morning of the meeting. Members are urged to cast their vote electronically prior to the meeting but for those that don't we will have computer access available at the meeting. The ASRL Constitution calls for the use of a Preferential Voting system which is best handled in quick time by the humble computer.

You will note that you are also being invited to vote on a Life Membership nomination for Stephen Blewett. The nomination with details can be viewed by clicking here.

*If you are a current financial member of the ASRL and did not receive a copy of this AGM Notice via email, that means we do not have your email address on record. Members WILL need a current valid email address recorded in our Member database in order to receive an electronic invitation to vote, if not personally attending the AGM.  If you believe you are a financial member of the ASRL and have not received an emailed copy of this AGM Notice, then you should make contact with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will help sort it out for you.

Joining members who wish to vote at this AGM may do so by completing the personal membership form found here on the ASRL website and again, contacting the Registrar on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can view the AGM Agenda by clicking here

Notice of the nominations for the ASRL committee are listed below. No election is required for President, Secretary or Treasurer and eight nominations have been received for the position of Vice President with six to be elected.

ASRL Committee Nominess 2011-2012
PresidentBert Hunt - one nominee
SecretaryTrish McDermott - one nominee
TreasurerDon Alexander - one nominee

Vice Presidentssix to be elected
Don Cotterill John Wright Stephen Blewett Linda Hawkins
Philippa Lowe Michael King Frank Veltman Scott Tannahill

*Click on the Nomines's name in the table above to view/download a CV of the Nominee (pdf reader required)

*Nominations are now called from current members of the "Hall of Fame" to fill 5 x sub-committee positions to adjudicate on any HoF nominations for the 2011-12 season. Nomination will be accepted up until the calling of the ballot at the AGM. Election of the 5 committee members will take place at the AGM.

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