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Sweeps Manual

  • Published in Coaching

Bill "Woofa" Barnett has produced two sweeping manuals, and they are broken up into two parts each. He has allowed us to put these up on our site as a guide for the benefit of our sport and surfboat rowers in general.

Woofa asks for nothing in return except knowing that he has helped out some fellow boaties. Please feel free to use and pass on to others.


The content herein reflects the personal skills, strategies, experience and expertise of Bill "Woffa" Barnett. It does not purport to represent the only means by which a surf boat may be controlled and/or operated at sea.

The application of these and/or any other guidelines remains and will always remain a matter for the individual judgement of any crew and/or crew member that puts to sea in a surf boat. Neither the ASRL nor Bill Barnett accepts any responsibilty, howsoever occasioned for:-

  • any errors or omissions contained herein; and/or

  • the application of such guidelines, or any part thereof, by any crew and/or crew member whilst at sea in a surfboat.

This warning and disclaimer applies in equal measure to the conduct of any crew and/or crew member exercising control and/or operation of a surfboat on dry land.




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