Nick Sampson President ASRL

Congratulations to Nick Sampson (Avalon Beach SLSC) who has won the election for the role of President of the Australian Surf Rowers League. We would also like to thank Phil Chipman for putting his hand up to nominate for the position.

Nick nominated for ASRL president to tackle the unprecedented challenges we are facing in surf boats and more broadly Surf Sports under the Surf Life Saving Banner. Using his experience and knowledge, Nick and his committee will face the challenges head on and work with the clubs, branches and states to see that the sport of surf boats is protected from further decline. Nick will challenge each of the states' surf boat panels to be innovative and try new ways of working that will be sustainable and improve the experience for our members.

Below is a summary of Nick Sampson’s involvement in surf boat rowing.

ASRL Vice-President - 4 years to current
National Surf Boat Advisory Panel member - 3 years to current
ASRL Open Event Committee - 3 years to current

Assistant State Team Manager - 2 years
Chair of the Sydney Northern Beaches (SNB) Surf Boat Panel - 6 years to current
Deputy Director Surf Sports SNB - 5 years Branch
Team Manager - 2016 Assistant Branch
Team Manager - 2016 to current

Director of Life Saving - 2 years to current
Director of Surf Sports - 6 years
Boat Captain - 2 years
Bar Manager - 6 years to current
Junior Captain - 2 years

World Gold National Team
Gold State Team Gold
ASRL Silver
ASRL Bronze
State Gold x 2
State Silver x 3
State Bronze x 3
Branch Gold x 3
Branch Premiership Gold x 7