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2017 ASRL AGM Agenda, NOM's & more

agm2011ASRL Annual General Meeting 2017
Date: Saturday, 22 July, 2017
Time: 10:00 am
Location: Brighton Surf Life Saving Club
147 The Esplanade, Brighton, SA

Dear ASRL Member,
Please find below the Agenda and attachments related to Notice of Motions, 2016 Minutes and a Proxy Form for the 2017 AGM, which will be held at 10:00 am on Saturday 22 July 2017 at the Brighton SLSC, 147 The Esplanade, Brighton South Australia. 
Special note; The 7.2 Revised Constitution and 7.3 Proposed Update Notice of Motions were approved at the 2016 AGM. Unfortunately they were not presented to the NSW Department of Fair Trading on time and we now have to re-present them at the 2017 AGM.  
The AGM and Rowers Forum, at the conclusion of the AGM, will be Live Streamed so absent members may have a chance to ask questions into the Forum, further information on our Facebook Page.
Natasha Tunney
Hon Secretary









Notice of 2017 ASRL AGM

Date: Saturday, 22 July, 2017
Time: 10:00 am
Location: Brighton Surf Life Saving Club
147 The Esplanade, Brighton, SA

*An open forum for all members will follow the AGM

Call for ASRL Committee Nominations:

In accordance with clause 28.1(a), the ASRL Committee hereby calls for nominations for President, Secretary and 3 Vice-Presidents.

These positions are currently held by Bert Hunt-President, Natasha Tunney- Secretary (replaced Alexandra Hill) and Vice Presidents-Grant Wilkinson, Don Cotterill and Geoff Wilson (replaced Tim McFarlane).

The Treasurer, Don Alexander, and 3 Vice-Presidents, Russell Lamb, Jay Parkin (replaced Suzie Mackinder) and Damien O’Shannassy (replaced Nathan Perry), continue in their current positions for a further 12 months.

Nominations must be made in writing, signed by 2 ASRL Members and accompanied by the nominee’s written consent. Nominations must be delivered to the ASRL Secretary by no later than 10:00 am Saturday, 24 June, 2017, 28 days prior to the ASRL Annual General Meeting.

The President:

  • Liaises between the ASRL and Surf Life Saving Australia
  • Assists the Secretary in responding to queries from members
  • Leads the Committee in initiatives to advance surf boat rowing
  • Liaises with the ASRL’s Treasurer and marketing personnel
  • Attends and chairs all ASRL Committee meetings
  • Must be computer literate, able to attend several meetings (in person and by teleconference) per year and have a couple of hours per week to review and respond to emails.

The Secretary:

  • Monitors and responds to emails sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Attends and records minutes of all ASRL Committee meetings
  • Sends correspondence on behalf of ASRL Committee
  • Co-ordinates tender processes on behalf of ASRL Committee, both inviting tenders and evaluating tenders received
  • Must be computer literate, able to attend several meetings (in person and by teleconference) per year and have a couple of hours per week to review and respond to emails.

The 3 Vice Presidents:

  • Represent the interests of all surf rowers
  • Attend all ASRL Committee meetings
  • Must be computer literate, able to attend several meetings (in person and by teleconference) per year and have a couple of hours per week to review and respond to emails.

Timeline for AGM Proceedings:

  • Nomination of Candidates for Committee Positions to be called by Secretary 56 days prior to meeting by 10:00 am Saturday, 27 May 2017
  • Notices of Motion to be received by Secretary 42 days prior to meeting by 10:00 am Saturday, 10 June 2017
  • Nomination of Candidates for Committee Positions to be received by Secretary 28 days prior to meeting by 10:00 am Saturday, 24 June 2017
  • Members to receive agenda, notices of motion and forms of authority 21 days prior to meeting by 10:00 am Saturday, 1 July 2017.




ASRL Submission to SLSA on Future of Surfboats

ForumRowers from all sides of Australia have clearly vented their frustration on the real issues taking a toll on our sport. We see every day the results of the ever present Barriers to joining and remaining in the sport of Surf Lifesaving. We also feel the effect of another cancelled Aussies.

The ASRL has just completed a nationally attended Forum where both issues were well debated. The attached letter is the result of this Forum and has now been sent to the Board of SLSA requesting their urgent attention and change.

Copies of the Full submission with the mentioned Probationary Bronze and Major Event Matrix can be found attached below (*pdf reader required):





ASRL Newsletter #70 - March 2017

newsletter2The ASRL Committee has released Newsletter #70 which should already be in your Inbox if you have subscribed.  The Newsletter contains news on ASRL Open, ASRL National Short Course Championship, ASRL AGM, ASRL Committee changes, National Pointscore Leaders and a Report of Trip to Represent Australia!  All rowers are encouraged to have a good read.  Newsletter #70 is below.

For those of you who haven't received the Newsletter, or if you are having difficulty reading the Newsletter below on a mobile device - you can view the online version HERE.

Why not subscribe and receive the Newsletter directly! Click HERE to subscribe.


ASRL Newsletter

Newsletter #70 - March 2017
This newsletter will carry information on:
  1. ASRL Open
  2. ASRL National Short Course Championship
  4. ASRL Committee
  5. National Pointscore Leader
  6. Report of Trip to Represent Australia 

ASRL Open: 

Well the Open has been run and won and what a time we had of making everything fit into the weather reduced program. A big thank you to Tamara Brawn, Peter van Deuren, Phil Hird and the whole team of officials that worked so hard to do the changes and provide the crews with the best possible experience.
Our finals were worth the price of admission just to watch the quality of crews in each division race for gold. Avoca Open men and Elouera Open Female both very worthy champions and once again showing that the right training and program can and does produce winners.
We had a Facebook and Live Stream Reach of over 86,000 people during the week of the Open so amazing numbers are now engaged with our sport. This is in a massive credit to Aaron Tannahill who is driving the Navy ASRL Facebook page.
The ASRL money spent on Camera/Computer technology has again paid for itself in spades. Our Live Stream continues to improve as we work our way into understanding all the equipment and learning what works best.
The finish line cameras again showed their worth in assisting our Finish Line Judges with the really tight finishes. On one occasion the cameras were able to split two crews who were no more than 50mm apart. The Judges do a remarkable job in being able to pull the right decision in the vast number of finishes. Across 250M with 6 boats racing at the line it isn’t easy and it’s very comforting to the Judges and Crews that on those few occasions where the naked eye simply can’t pick we now have the backup of line cameras.
The ASRL Finish Line Camera Team will again be operating the boat finishes at this year Aussies as the backup to the Line Judges. 

ASRL Australian National Short Course Championship:

Eighty crews started in this year’s Short Course Championship at Manly. Short Course racing is a great event where crews are forced to use all their surf skills in a short amount of time. Because the distance is only about 400M total distance finishes are tight, every crew is in the race and the crowd becomes engaged because they can watch the whole race and see who is leading.
The ASRL will continue to support Short Course as it is our intention that this event will morph into a full blown Australian Medal for boats in the not too distant future.
We have to apologise for our error in not having the medals available. We can only say sorry to those winning crews and we are fixing the delivery for you. 


Early notice that the next ASRL AGM will be held in South Australia on Saturday 22 July. The SA people are already into organising a post AGM gentleman’s and gentlewomen’s lunch tour of the Barossa Valley so based on the last time in SA another cracker weekend will await Interstate travellers. 

ASRL Committee:

We have had some midterm committee changes which comes from the different pressures individuals at times find themselves under. Our committee is a hard working group that is always on the front foot doing their best to keep our sport exciting and attainable in a very tough national sporting environment.
Leaving us is Alexandra Hill being replaced as Secretary by Natasha Tunney of SA
Leaving us is Nathan Perry with replacement from NSW to be advised
Leaving us is Tim McFarlane being replaced by Geoff Wilson WA 

ASRL National Rankings Leader Board:

Congratulations to Bulli Gelcon in the mens and South Curl Curl Straw Hat Pirates in the womens for taking over the National Rankings Leaders vests after the ASRL Open. The crews were presented their vests by the President of SLSA, Mr Graham Ford.
See more on Facebook HERE

Who will have the honour of wearing the National Rankings Leaders vests at Aussies? The new leaders and full updated rankings will be released later this week after all the State titles results are in.
After a trial run and competitor feedback, the system has been refined to include full results and rankings for all Open crews across Australia. With the distances, and variation in fields in each state, it is impossible to have a perfect system, but we can aim to get this as fair as possible. We will have a full review at the end of the season. If you have some constructive feedback, please email Russell Lamb at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The system is in the process of being automated with the draw system around the country which will update the rankings as soon as results are in.
The rankings will expand over time as we see a lot of opportunities to use the system. The rankings were used to ensure the area splits were fair at the ASRL Open and will be used at Aussies.
For the latest ASRL Navy National Rankings for all open crews, check HERE

Australian Team Representation:

An insight in what it is like to represent your country in your chosen sport.
This Team Report was received by the ASRL from the Newport crew after an experience of a lifetime for the four Australian crews involved.
Newport Pistol Shrimp, u23 women
Australian representatives in the Trans-Tasman team, Waihi Beach, February 4th and 5th, 2017.
The girls, Piret May, Katy Hulton, Cele May and Zoe King were obviously very excited to be selected in the Australian development (u23) team and this was heightened when we were presented with our team gear at Surf House on Wednesday afternoon. The full team consisted of Avoca Beach open men, Tallebudgera open women, North Cronulla u23 men and Newport u23 women.

We arrived in Waihi Beach on Thursday afternoon, a couple of hours outside Auckland on the east coast. It’s typical holiday town, not quite as big as Ulladulla, with a beautiful long beach surrounded by farmland and national park.
Friday afternoon, after a walk and swim, we went for a row in the brand new boat North Beach SLSC lent to us for the weekend. Conditions were flat with an offshore breeze making it a tough row home. That night the Australian and New Zealand teams had an official dinner together, the girls shared a table with the NZ u23 girls. Pretty quickly there was plenty of chat and laughter, the girls all clicked and more new friends were made. All weekend the New Zealand clubs and crews showed us wonderful hospitality.
Saturday was the North Island Regional Championships and the Trans-Tasman races were spaced through the regular competition. The team was presented with their caps on the beach, then marched into the arena for the welcome and national anthems. It was a surprisingly emotional moment, belting out the anthem for the first and possibly only time in an Australian team, certainly a memorable moment for all of the team.
The Trans-Tasman event was held over three races, two long course and one short course with a run finish. The girls won both the long course races and were in front in the short course to have NZ come through on a small wave and pip Zoe in the run up the beach. The open crews also won their races 2-1, so Australia retained the cup. The racing was hard and close, as you would expect. There was a shallow bank and the offshore wind to battle on the way back to the beach. At the end of the third race, after securing the win, none of the crew could get out of the boat, such was their effort and relief. They definitely left nothing in the boat.
The national team crews were seeded into the respective semis and finals of the North Island champs, competing as Newport  the girls finished a close second (but again beating the NZ crew, Murawai) into third.
After a long day on the beach, we had a BBQ with the NZ team and a relatively early night.
New Zealand surf lifesaving is divided into four regions and Sunday morning was the regional championships, same as our interstates, with Australia added as the ‘fifth’ region. More close racing, the girls finished with two thirds and a win in the relay. The Australian team won the event quite convincingly.
We all headed for Mt Manganui for a visit and lunch, then back to Waihi Beach for a team BBQ and debrief. All of a sudden it was Monday morning and we’re heading home.
I can’t thank both managers Brett Main and Greg Heard enough. They did a wonderful job and never really got any down time, such was their dedication to ensuring a successful tour.
The girls were given a wonderful opportunity in representing their country and have made the most of it. Their level of self-belief and confidence is now sky high and the knowledge that they have met and exceeded their own expectations can only auger well for their future. The rowing they did on Saturday was the hardest thing they have ever done and they now are starting to appreciate how much harder they can go.
Thank you very much to the ASRL and Navy for the financial assistance in getting the crew to New Zealand, also for the hard work over the years working towards establishing this wonderful annual event for opens and under 23s. The girls conducted themselves as wonderful representatives of Newport SLSC and Australia, friendly, generous and ferocious competitors. Their attitude made them many new friends among both national teams and clubs. We can be very proud of them and their achievement and look forward to the rest of the season.
ASRL Committee
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